[News] Dong-Ah Geology wishes to host the 2023 Busan World Expo (news from the Goldum Peak expedition)

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Date created 2023-09-12 14:45:22 Hit 698
The Goldum Peak expedition of the Busan Mountain Federation of the Korea Mountain Federation, where Vice Chairman Choi Jae-woo is the 29th chairman, succeeded in climbing the Goldum Peak (6,632m) of Nepal Langtanghimal at 2 p.m. local time on April 11th. In an interview with a local newspaper, Vice Chairman Choi Jae-woo said, "The success of climbing the Goldum Peak, which is an unanswered peak, has once again served as an opportunity to inform the world of our willingness to host the 2030 Busan Expo."


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