Ulsan newport souther breakwater(2-3) construction project DCM

Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Gimpo-Paju highway Phase 2 Section in Shield TBM

Gimpo, Republic of Korea

(HongKong)HKIA 3RS PJ DCM(Sub-Contract)

Lantau ,Hong Kong

Ulsan New Port Southern Breakwater Phase 2-2 Construction Project

Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Ulsan Stockpile Underground Construction-Tunnel Excavation Work

Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Singapore CRL CR108/Dwall & Bored Pile Project

Pasir Ris, Singapore
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Korea Ulsan Stockpile Underground Construction-Tunnel Excavation Work

This project is for National emergency preparedness project to strategically store crude petroleum. Stockpile underground facility is permanent, economically feasible, stable under emergency and better for environmental preservation. This project requires high technical skill & experience for underground excavation, organized management & operation system and understanding of highly stressed phenomenon of large section cave and water curtain system.


It is a reclamation project to expand the 3rd runway of Hong Kong International Airport. Construction was carried out using the DCM method for the construction of the shoreline foundation, runway foundation, and landfill area. It aims to be completed in 2023, and when completed, it will be expanded to the size of Incheon International Airport to secure twice the number of takeoffs and landings compared to the current one. It is the first marine DCM to be constructed in Hong Kong and is Asia's largest in size.

HongKong 3RS 3206-Contract For Land DCM Works

Reclamation work to expand the third runway of Hong Kong International Airport located in LANTAU. The first ground improvement was completed through the marine DCM method, and the second ground improvement was carried out by applying the land DCM method at the same time as sand reclamation. In particular, the airport's altitude restricted area during the relevant construction section is applied with our new lot technology The ground has been improved.

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